Yesterday, one day ago (2018)

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The cover for the EP.
An extract of track three, Deluge '17, is an example of Strata remixing pre-existing samples, in the case of this song, it being Gilda from 1946[1].

Yesterday, one day ago is the first EP by German Neocities user Strata from 2018. The EP features samples of a number of audio tracks from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Twin Peaks, and Synthetic Substitution, along with 10 other samples (13 in total) just to name a few. In all, the small album has 8 original music tracks in it[2], lasting just over 20 minutes.

The EP was published as a free download via Strata's website on 2018-04-07[3].

For the README file of the download, as called LinerNotes.txt, Strata writes that all of the tracks were created, mixed, and finished in Ableton Live 9, along with making a tank you section;

First, I'd like to thank you, dear listener, for listening to this heap
of shit. I'd also like OwlMan ...
	1) For giving the valuable feedback I did
	   not want to hear during the refinement of these tracks.
	2) For hosting the Opus files for web-based listening.

A whole year later on 2019-04-11, Strata published a fair well letter from the host[4], on the webpage, they link to a previously unseen track that they made, Running High '99, an "unfinished, and probably mixed poorly" that its title is a reference to the first opening track of Yesterday, one day ago, that being Running Low '98.


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