What To Do If You Are Banned From The Penny's Pages Wiki

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This will be our face when you tell us that we unfairly banned you.

If you get banned from this wiki, and you think that this is not fair or that you were unjustly banned, you should get in touch with the head of the Penny's Pages Wiki project, that being Cass Python by contacting her either over Discord (Owly#6604) or shooting an E-Mail over to her address.

The reason why you were banned might have been a simple thing of you joining at the wrong time, as we have gotten a lot of spambots in the past; see Spam on Penny's Pages. You might have also have had a name that seemed to be like one a bot would use - if you want to have the best chance of us not banning you on sight, try not to use a name that would raise eyebrows, for example, don't use a name like WildaDarcy60812 that looks like something a bot would have.