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A self-portrait of myself sitting down at my computer, hoping that someone will talk to me on Discord (Owly#6604) or send me some mail. I since got the Angel Witch banner seen on the wall - livin' the dream!

Hello there, my name is Cass "Owly" Python, I'm an English Neocities user who has been an active member of the host since I joined in 2015-12, I am also one of the co-sysop of this wiki, plus I was the main one behind the old one that was hosted on Neocities for the longest time (glad it moved, thanks Pizza Squeeze).

Welcome to my user page, you might have herd about me on the webhost, or not, I don't know. Regardless, this wiki was made for people like yourself to find-out more about the community of Neocities, the history, and the websites behind it. When I'm not online, I like to program rubbish, play my music, and harass my friends. I'm a fan of most music, but I tend to play stuff pre-1990's (don't get me wrong, I do know that there is new good music) like David Bowie, The Beatles, Judas Priest, Metallica, anything that's playing on BBC Radio 6, and also most music made by people on the host.

I am also currently learning Esperanto as a second language, so that's something, I guess.

When I am online (so all of the time apart from when I'm asleep), I like to go on Discord and be a massive prick to my furry and weeaboo "friends" in voice calls. I am perhaps best know for my OwlMan site, but I do other things like NeoZones, mostly with the weekly AcidMail newsletter that anyone can read.

Black Paw.png

This user is not furry, ok? Maybe they have a Furaffinity account, maybe they got along with several community members, but they have never considered them-self one.