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An example of a spam bot that was spotted, probably wanting to either sell you stock or tell you about Silicon Heaven.

Much like a lot of other wikis, Penny's Pages has experienced unwanted spam on its website. Our policy with spam is the same as most other wikis; we do not tolerate it and we will delete it and likely block the user from further interaction with our project if we think that they only joined to advertise unwanted content.

This page was made to keep record of spam that has been submitted to the wiki.


The wiki had its first spam bot join on 2020-06-10 at 11:42 UTC, within minuets of it joining, it made two pages; a user page and a page called "Hone Your Abilities By Totally Free Gambling On-Line". The bot advertised an online gamble site and also a

JamisonJess256 was only on the wiki for 18 minuets before being spotted and banned by Cass Python[1], who removed all of the content made by it. In the end, the bot was blocked from the wiki with no expiry date, the reason given by Python was "Spamming links to external sites: Our first ever spam bot!"[2].


The user page for the bot is seen below, saying that their name is Efren and that they come from the Northern Marianas Islands, an insular area and commonwealth of the United States consisting of 14 islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The full, unedited spam text is show below, please note that links to external sites may be untrustworthy;

Let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Efren. Northern Marianas Islands is the only location I've been residing in and I don't strategy on altering it. In my expert lifestyle I am a meter reader. What I adore performing is comics and I'll be starting some thing else alongside with it. Check out the newest information on her web site: Judi slot online ([])_online_/

Hone Your Abilities By Totally Free Gambling On-Line

The only other page that the JamisonJess256 bot was to make was a page about Cool Cat, a "safe place to gamble online" according to the spam text on the page. The page was deleted at 11:50 UTC[3]. The full, unedited spam text is show below, please note that links to external sites may be untrustworthy;

<br><br>If you really want a safe place to gamble online, Cool Cat is the one for you. No matter where your interest in gambling lies, whether you want to play slots games, blackjack or poker, you would always get the privilege to play all its casino games with a handsome free bonus offer. Sign up with Cool Cat, your account will instantly get credited with $100.<br><br>This leaves the player free to play the side games or to take part in chat room activities, both of which add to the fun of playing at the site. Side games can include various link Judi slot online ([]), video poker, instant games, table games and arcade games with the selection and number varying from site to site. Not only are they fun to play, the provide the player with additional opportunities to win. Many bingo sites have players who score big wins on the side games.<br><br>Slot machine gaming is a kind of gambling, where cash is always the basic unit. Either cause it to grow, or watch it cool from the hands. It would bother that much if small quantities of money are involved. However, playing the slots wouldn't work should you just have minimal bets.<br><br>These include fantastic games to play such as Alaskan Fishing, Crocodopolis, Hellboy and Karate Pig from Microgaming, as well as After Night Falls, Black Gold, At The Copa and many more from Betsoft Gaming. In fact visit us today for a selection from the top 7 software providers including: Microgaming, IGT, RTG, Betsoft Gaming, Sheriff Gaming, Net Entertainment and WMS slots.<br><br>Hot City online slots game has 5 spinning reels. The players can place their bet on as much as 25 lines that the free online slots game offers. Every line will be enabled with each coin the player puts in the Hot City slots machine. The maximum bet per line of the slots game is four coins so if the player decides to have a maximum bet on the 25 lines then 100 coins should be placed on the slots machine. The theme used on the online slots game is based on a New York ritzy theme. The free UK slots game has high quality graphics and good soundtrack.<br><br>By judging the various types of slots and online pokies games within this fashion, you should know of your options in a given casinos. Initially, this may take a while but once you're familiar with this process you'll discover that you will go over the options within minutes.<br><br>Also, many online casino sites offer free bonuses for beginners. With these bonuses, you can double your initial deposit in order to play. And if you are a frequent player you can get cash back too with certain sites. So check out our links below for a selection of the best online casinos with a selection of the best online slots to play.


The wiki's second spam bot joined on 2020-06-11 at 07:42 UTC, being blocked only five minuets later at 07:47 by Cass Python with the reason of "Spamming links to external sites: Spam bot". The user will never be unbloacked from the wiki.

Just like with JamisonJess256, AureliaGould0 made two pages, a user page and a page called "Praticar Mindfulness Deve Manter A Saúde Dos Olhos".


Seemly as a way to fool others into thinking that they were a real person, the user page for AureliaGould0 had a bio for themselves. Oddly, the first link that the spammer gives is to a Google search that leads to the search result for "returning anytime". The full, unedited spam text is show below, please note that links to external sites may be untrustworthy[4];

I'm a 40 years old, married and study at the college (Educational Studies).<br>In my spare time I learn German. I've been there and look forward to [ returning anytime] soon. I love to read, preferably on my ipad. I like to watch The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who as well as documentaries about nature. I enjoy Nordic skating.<br><br>Acesse sobre este meu fantástico blog - como ganhar dinheiro pela internet ([ as páginas da web relacionadas])

Praticar Mindfulness Deve Manter A Saúde Dos Olhos

Praticar Mindfulness Deve Manter A Saúde Dos Olhos is a page that has been written in Portuguese. The full, unedited spam text is show below, please note that links to external sites may be untrustworthy[5];

Quem pratica atividade [ física] já experimentou as dores musculares no dia seguinte. Os chás podem possuir várias funções medicinais que colaboram para emagrecimento. Principalmente quando estamos falando de limpeza do organismo e da ação antioxidante que varias infusões podem promover. "Os chás que contem cafeína, como ganhar dinheiro pela internet ([ fonte desse artigo]) verde e mate ajudam a aligeirar metabolismo. Cavalinha e centella asiática são excelentes para inchaço e celulite. Gosto bastante do chá de bilha e erva tulsi, que são utilizados por serem riquíssimos em antioxidantes, vitaminas e minerais. Já chá de carqueja é muito bom para a redução de obesidade abdominal", exemplifica Oliveira, apontando que consumo dessas bebidas não deve ultrapassar um litro ao dia.<br><br>Da dieta de perder peso, que muda pra hoje em dia é a quantidade. Só. Não possui nada dissemelhante. Para sustentar eu ingeria 1.200 calorias e hoje posso 2.000. Hoje em dia eu faço 1h30 de exercício quando eu pedalo, mas não passo três horas na liceu. Agora eu não pedalo mas tanto, não tenho mas bastante esse negócio de devo pedalar". Se não der, não deu. Eu equilibro com a alimentação. Não que eu não coma besteira. Por ex, se eu for num restaurante eu até como uma volume.<br><br>Para médico, isso acontece porque não há uma mudança na mentalidade da persona. Se você almeja que seu corpo seja saudável e com boa aparência, primeiro você deve trabalhar paisagem mental, porque 95% de tudo é a mente. Eu não seria capaz de sustentar uma perda de peso de modo organico por 13 anos se não continuasse trabalhando em minha mente", garante.<br><br>Quando a marcha é realizada em um ritmo apressurado e constante, é possível acelerar metabolismo e promover perder peso e a perda de gordura. Nada obstante, para que isso seja provável, é preciso que a caminhada seja realizada de forma regular, quando menos por 30 minutos e em subida intensidade, além de ser acompanhada de alimentação adequada.<br><br>Um profissional freelancer [ também] é autônomo e deve atuar tanto no trabalho fixo quanto em plataformas digitais, como a 99 freela e Workana Independente do seu seção, atuar como freelancer é uma boa forma de lucrar renda extra, como corporações também estão investindo neste gênero de de contratação.<br><br>Os cursos do Portal Educação lhe dão a certificação de capacitação profissional, aperfeiçoamento e extensão. É importante saber que esses títulos não se equivalem às certificações de cursos técnicos ou de treinamento escolar, e não dão direito de responsabilizar responsabilidades técnicas.<br><br>A obesidade infantil está usuária à má alimento e à falta de gasto energético nessa fase da vida. A Organização Global da Saúde determina que guris e adolescentes façam ao menos uma hora de exercícios por dia, mas somente uma pequena parcela segue essa recomendação. E sobrecarga nessa etapa deve trazer vários outros desvantagens no horizonte", enfatiza Anelise.


Only making one page, the CarmelaKeller5 was only able to interact with the wiki from its join date of 2020-06-11 at 10:18 UTC to 10:21; meaning the account had a life span of three minuets before being blocked by Cass Python. The reason why the bot was blocked was "pamming links to external sites: Spam bot", the user will never be able to interact with the website again[6].


Not much was on the user page for the bot, apart from a link to The full, unedited spam text is show below, please note that links to external sites may be untrustworthy;

https://[]/ <br>I'm a 36 years old, married and study at the college (Computing and Information Science).<br>In my spare time I try to learn Danish. I have been twicethere and look forward to returning sometime near future. I like to read, preferably on my ipad. I like to watch Arrested Development and Two and a Half Men as well as documentaries about nature. I like Knapping.