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A screenshot of the website as it appeared minutes before its deletion.

sicK girL was the name of a website that was hosted on Neocitites as of 2020-05-10 to around up to 2021-10-11. The site was probably written by an unknown person born c. 2006, who much like the late Sol Pais, was seemly interested in the Columbine high school massacre, where two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, murdered 12 students and a teacher on 1999-04-20.

In her blog, the teenager wrote a number of things that could be considered to be quite worrying, such as implying that they harm animals[1], saying that they are a god[2], and most worrying of all, threats of a mass shooting, where the idea of "shooting them all gave [them a] pure happiness, a sense of euphoria"[3].

From an extract from their journal from 2020-05-23 (dated on their site as 5/23/20) reads as such;

i can't wait til NBK 2.0. i just want my life to be over and i want peace. [My therapist] and my mom say i have empathy. HAH really?! i don't feel shit for all of the kids and family's im going to hurt. i laugh when i watch the columbine clips of the little kid yelling "mom!" right before he gets shot. fuck empathy. they say i "love" animals. little do they know.. i can't go into detail but i've done some sick things. but thats the least of my priorities. i want NBK to happen and i want it to be fun. and it will be. i know it.

"NBK" in this case is a reference to Natural Born Killers, a 1994 American crime film about two mass murderers, Mickey Knox and his wife Mallory (Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis). The term means that they wish for a shooting to happen as they know "it will be [fun]" for them.

In comparison to other websites, sicK girL gained what could be called a very small audience, with only 4,742 views, 4 followers, and 222 updates[4], however, the website is noticeable due to what would follow.

Report To The FBI and Deletion

On 2020-05-27, the YouTube channel, READY TO GLARE uploaded a video entitled "I found a disturbing blog"[5], where they say that a viewer had contacted them about a website that they found, that being the sicK girL website. In the video, the presenter tells the audience that they sent the FBI a tip alerting them to the site, four days before uploading the video.

Within the hour of the upload, a user of Neocities made a post on sicK girL's profile, telling her about it[6]. Around 17:40 UTC, the owner of the website deleted their site off Neocities[7], despite of this, archives had been made of it just minutes before it was removed, both on The Internet Archive[8] and also on GitHub[9].

Return to Neocities

In the early hours of 2020-06-09, after 13 days of deleting the site, SicK girL relaunched their website[10], this time replacing the landing page with their opinion of the video about them, writing on their site, the author says that they were not happy with how READY TO GLARE "used [their] vulnerablity and mental illness for content and personal gain[,] and honestly, [they are] still in awe that this happened", along with this, they carry on by saying that they had informed their parents and also therapist about the situation.

In a reply to a comment on their website, they said that they are thinking of turning the website into "a more sfw diary"[11].

Around September of 2021, SicK girL wrote on their home page that they had got COVID-19[12] - it is not known if they are okay or not, as they would soon delete their website for a second time.