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As taken from the old wiki[1], 1README.txt was a prot-village pump that was made for discussing events on the old wiki. For the sake of record, the TXT is recreated on this page in full with no added updates.


how about make a list of all the webcomics on neocities instead of making one page for each one. toionka trcuk

Changed the Dummies image a bit.

Okay, I should be done now! From now on if someone wants to change the background colour/font/anything else, please go to style.css.

I've fixed some grammar and made some small changes and additions to a few pages but didn't realize there's a "last updated" thing so I didn't touch that, oopsie

If anyone has some free time and is a masochist, could PLEASE
1. Try to close some of the <p> tags
2. Add target="_blank" to all the <a> tags that link outside of /tbg/?

Also what does joel.wad have to do with Neocities?

Hey, Owlman, a couple things I want to point out about HTML to you;
1. <p> tags are not the same as <br> tags. You do not have to close <br> tags and </br> isn't correct. You HAVE to close <p> tags. This is HTML 101.
2. You don't have to close <hr> tags. It's not "<hr></hr>" it's just "<hr>". 
3. You don't put a <p> before a <h1> (<h2>, <h3>, etc) because they both do the same thing, except that the <h1> tag changes the font size. Adding a <p> tag before it just adds an unnecessary gap.
4. If you start with "<font color="black"> you only have to close that with </font>.
If you can't spot these mistakes yourself, just look in the html editor on the site, it will show a red cross next to every line you fuck up.
5. You don't need to put images in <p> tags.

(Editing HTML documents to fix HTML errors. I'm currently on *ddos_attack_november_2015.html*)


Today I saw that the July 2018 upload issue artical (july_2018_upload_issue.html) had some artwork by fellow Neocities user, Nekojiru, I was unsure if we were able to use the artwork, as when I went on their website ( I couldn't find any licenses for their art. So what I did was that I PMed them on Discord to ask about our use of their art;

[15:05] OwlMan: Hi there, Nekojiru!

I'm OwlMan, and I help run Penny's Pages here on Neocities. It looks like someone had added your art on this page here: (more than one person can edit the site so it wasn't me), I just wanted to know if you were okay with us using your art?

If you are okay with us using it, what license is your art under? I looked on your site but I didn't find any license. On Penny's Pages we only want to use work with a Creative Commons license (or any license that allows other's to use your work)

If you don't want us using your art, or your art isn't under a CC license, please say so that I can remove the art!


[15:16] Nekojiru: Hello!

I assumed it might've been PotassiumMCR2 (or another user who was on their server) who uploaded my artwork to the page since I originally posted it to a small discord server they've made regarding the upload issue at Neocities

My artwork is currently not under any license that I know of, so unfortunately that means it might have to be removed from the page. However I do have the intention of uploading the drawing onto my own website.

[15:16] OwlMan: Alright, thank you anyway for your time!

[15:17] OwlMan: I mean, if you want you can always put that one image under a Creative Commons license, but of cause, only if you want

[15:22] Nekojiru: I think I'd willing to put the image under a creative commons license for the sake of preserving Neocities history. But any other artwork I upload onward is not meant to be redistributed without my acknowledgement

[15:23] OwlMan: Great, thank you very much for your time! (I also like your site)

[15:24] Nekojiru: No problem. (And thank you!)

So there we go, we're only allowed to use that one artwork by them, but no other art!