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In 2018, a long time Neocities member came up with the idea of a wiki like website that was all about the host. The only problem was that to be a wiki other people needed to be able to edit the article on their browser, as OwlMan planned on publishing this multi-article subsite on their own website (and that they did not plan on giving the password out), they could not call it a "wiki".

At the time, OwlMan had become quite the fan of the BBC Radio 2's The Blagger's Guide, a series of comical documentaries on specific music genres and people, and so now this multi-article subsite thing had a name; The Blagger's Guide to The Culture of Neocities.

OwlMan had been working on this idea for a few months until July 2018 when they became a new member of Hyperlink, a website on Neocities where a number of people have their own subsite.

Because of this new event, this means that more than one person could work on the site and that people could work on this project via their browser... like a wiki.

The project would to be renamed to Penny's Pages less than two days after it was uploaded to Hyperlink.

As of 2020, the wiki has been moved to a website hosted by Pizza Squeeze and is now a NeoZones project, rather than a Hyperlink one.

Penny's Pages is an ongoing project by a large number of people who not only use Neocites, but love, and use it most days. All of the text, images, and anything else may be used by anyone for free. This is a passion project that aims to inform not only new people to Neocities, but also want to inform older users of events, people, and history of a little webhost.