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Former Neocities member Jake of JakeOnline had made a number of newsletters around 2017 to mid 2018.

The JakeOnline Weekly Newsletter

The JakeOnline Weekly Newsletter (also known simply as "TJOWNL"; was known as "The JakeOnline Monthly Weekly Newsletter") was an online newsletter written and published by JakeOnline in late 2017-09. The newsletter covered a wide array of issues, including current events on Neocities, fan mail, and website of the week.

Issue #1

In this first issue of the newsletter (that can be found via the OwlMan archive), as dated from 2017-09-22, Jake mostly covers private messages between a number of people. At the end of the newsletter Jake uses a quote from OwlMan;

"So do you want your eggs to just role around on the palate?"
-OwlMan (2017)

In this quote, OwlMan (someone from the United Kingdom) is talking about their surprise that eggcups are uncommon in America.

Issue #2

In the second issue (available via the OwlMan archive), published 2017-09-30, Jake talks about Hyperlink (a webring he was apart of at the time but would leave sometime later), fan mail he got from Tomato Hentai, and he made the website for the week (the site at the time was owned by Hosma)

Hot Garbage Newsletter

After JakeOnline's first newsletter faded away, Jake made a second newsletter entitled The Hot Garbage Newsletter. Unlike his first newsletter, there would only be one issue from this newsletter.

In the only issue from the newsletter, Jake talks about such subjects as VidLii, the Cunt Yolk song "The Crazy Cunt (ft. Clive Python)", along with calling the newsletter "the second worst newsletter ever, first being OwlMail".

The newsletter was made as Jake "was looking at past archives of [his] site, trying to find [his] old newsletter. After an hour of searching through old web designs that [he] wished [he] kept, [Jake] found an archive. It turns out [Jake] want[s] a newsletter again".


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