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As taken from the neowiki
The media and text on this page, unless otherwise stated, has been taken from the neowiki, a now-inactive wiki, because of that, all of the contents on this page made for that wiki fall under the same license as the neowiki, that being MIT. This is different from Penny's Pages that uses a Creative Commons one.

Be aware that the information in the articles may now be incorrect as the project has not been active since 2019, however, unless a change has been made to the original copy of the wiki, please do not change or alter this page, even if you spot an error.

Here's how to write for neowiki. (I'm not sure why you'd want to, but here's how.)

Step 1. Fork

The first step is the easiest, and depending on how you're doing this, it may be automatically done for you! (If you're using GitHub on the web, skip this part) Go to the repo, and click the "Fork" button at the top. Pick yourself (or wherever you want to fork the wiki) and wait for it to finish. Then, clone your fork to your desktop. (Or wherever.)

Step 2. Write the article

Our writing style guide is here. Copy the template article (articles/ and pick a good filename for your article. (For example, this article's filename is "".) Be unique enough that another article can't collide with your use of the filename. Go to the part at the top, and change the part after "published" to "true". Replace "New Page" with the title of your article and the part after "description" to a description of the article. (In the future, this will be used for OGP and smart embeds.) If you have never written an article for us before, add your Neocities username to the config.ini file, in the "contributors" key. That way, your name will be added to our contributor list. After the second group of 3 dashes, write your article! Articles are Markdown format with no header links. Save and commit your article when you finish it.

Step 3. Submit the pull request!

Push your changes to your fork (done automatically for you if using GitHub on the web). Go to your fork, to the branch where your article is, and follow this guide to submit the pull request. I will review your changes and let you know if anything needs to be changed. When all is good, the PR will be merged!


  1. Original link to the article
  2. Article's description is "A small tutorial on how to write for neowiki."