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As taken from the neowiki
The media and text on this page, unless otherwise stated, has been taken from the neowiki, a now-inactive wiki, because of that, all of the contents on this page made for that wiki fall under the same license as the neowiki, that being MIT. This is different from Penny's Pages that uses a Creative Commons one.

Be aware that the information in the articles may now be incorrect as the project has not been active since 2019, however, unless a change has been made to the original copy of the wiki, please do not change or alter this page, even if you spot an error.

Penny's Pages is a neocities wiki created (and primarily written for) by OwlMan.[1] Originally hosted as a part of Hyperlink, Penny's Pages is hosted on its own site.[2][3] It has a few typos and isn't really about neocities. This wiki was created because of its lack of professionality (mostly brought on by its creator) and because minerobber had nothing better to do with an afternoon.

Penny's Pages has topics on such things as:


  1. Original link to the article
  2. Article written by minerobber with the description of "The other neocities wiki"
    3. A now slightly outdated version on Penny's Pages exists at came later after OwlMan reportedly wanted to get Penny's Pages away from mariteaux.