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As taken from the neowiki
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One feature about Neocities that is pretty cool is that there is an option to learn HTML, and CSS! It also shows some resources for certain things.

You can learn the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS

There are frameworks to learn, like:

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Pure
  • Bass Tracks
  • Min


Neocities has their own crash course on HTML, featuring Penelope the Cat. There are 10 parts, covering topics from putting text on a page, to making links. Click here to redirect to the tutorials. As far as others go, such as JavaScript and CSS, Neocities does not have a tutorial on them, however they do provide resources on how to program JavaScript, and how to use CSS styles in your HTML page.


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  2. Article's description is "Learn HTML, CSS, as well as CSS Frameworks on Neocities!"