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As taken from the neowiki
The media and text on this page, unless otherwise stated, has been taken from the neowiki, a now-inactive wiki, because of that, all of the contents on this page made for that wiki fall under the same license as the neowiki, that being MIT. This is different from Penny's Pages that uses a Creative Commons one.

Be aware that the information in the articles may now be incorrect as the project has not been active since 2019, however, unless a change has been made to the original copy of the wiki, please do not change or alter this page, even if you spot an error.

Neocities Districts is/was[1] a catalog of Neocities sites, divided by topics. Sites can be in up to 2 categories. For example, mariteaux is in Arcadia and Silver Lake, while [1] is in only Silicon Valley.

The URL for Districts was originally owned by dotcomboom, and the very first version of Districts was for Geocities neighborhoods, which was unsuccessful. When Hyperlink 1.0 died, Districts then was envisioned as moden-day DMOZ, and for this version, there was a prototype. This was also unsuccessful. Finally, lempamo decided to help with Districts around August of 2018, and that was when Districts went live and got successful. Capy, Cheren, and later dotcomboom decided to help out as well. Around October 2018 was the time Districts became public.

Sebastian (shortened to Seb) is the Districts mascot, said to be tasked with "sorting all of the sites on Districts"[2]. He is canonically a blue-and-yellow armadillo with black square glasses. An entire section of the Districts site is dedicated to Seb fanart.

Districts has had 5 people who have ever been a part of their staff. mariteaux is the passionate project lead of Neocities Districts, "coordinating efforts and working with the site markup" (Districts about page). His site is in the Arcadia and Silver Lake districts. dotcomboom[3] is the site manager of districts. The districts website uses his software, AutoSite, which "helps you keep all of your website's pages in the same basic template" (dotcomboom, 1). His site was in the Silicon Valley[4] district. lempamo was the miscellaneous and backup programmer of districts. He left and was kicked out of districts, and the discord server respectively due to ideological differences. Capy was an artist for Districts. Her neocities site, gwtagacw, is located in the Arles and Petsburg section. She has since moved on to [2]. Cheren was the site scouter for districts. His neocities site, bugland, is located in the Petsburg section. His other site can be found on Somnolescent.

Neocities Districts splits the sites it catalogs into 10 (originally 8) categories called "districts" based on focus and interests. These districts include:

  • Arcadia is a district for "video games, puzzles, [and] toys". It contains sites like 2-Bit, lancer502, and mariteaux. To be included in this district, you must have a site that has at least a decent portion of it dedicated to toys, games, or puzzles.
  • Silicon Valley is a district for "hardware, software, [and] programming". Named after a region located in California known for technological advances, it features sites such as elementz, A.N. Lucas' Web Lounge, and joppiesaus. To be included in this district, you must have hardware, programming, or software-related content on your site.
  • Tokyo is a district for "anime, manga, asian pop, [and] the far east.". Named after the capital of Japan, it features sites such as anipike, ily, and fauux. To be included in this district, you must have a decent portion of anime, manga, asian pop, or the far east-related content.
  • Arles is a district for "drawings, photos, [and] visual art". It features artists such as Capy, ily, as well as MIA (aka punchy). To be included in this district, you must either be an artist or have a page that is a work of art itself.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon is a district for "writing, and the writers who write it". Named after Shakespeare's hometown, it is home to such sites as Rainstorms in July, The International OwlTech Initiative, and these caverns called home. To be included in this district, you must write things and/or have a site dedicated to writing.
  • Silver Lake is a district for "music and things with melodies". It contains such sites as mariteaux, strata, and hosma. To be included in this district, you must have a focus on music in your site's content.
  • Petsburg is a district for "animals and the people who love them". it features sites such as GwtaGacw, Bugland, and Tinypaws. To be included in this district, your site must have a central focus on pets or wild animals.
  • Purgatory is a district for "????????????????????". The Purgatory is a state after death where the souls of sinner get ‘purified’ in order to reach heaven. It contains sites like Big Gulp Supreme,Jackomix, and max2019. To be included in this district, you must not have enough content or enough focus to fit into any other District.
  • Oxford is a district for "information, and education". Named after the university located in Oxford, England, it contains sites such as Edlinfan, Days of Pride, and I Hate Carpet. To be included in this district, you must have a decent portion of education or information-related content.
  • Hollywood is a district for "cartoons, movies, [and] western media". Named after the neighborhood and tourist attraction located in Los Angeles, California, it contains sites such as Do You Remember Fun House?, Telescuff, and Up All Night. To be included in this district, you must have a decent portion of films or TV show-related content.

The Oxford and Hollywood districts were added November 14, 2018[5]. At the same time, Neocities Districts began to use AutoSite, a templating site engine created by their lead coder dotcomboom.

Neocities Districts used to have a Discord, but it was deleted December 2, 2018[6] due to "admin exhaustion". Districts is currently on hiatus as of December 13, 2018[7], with most of its staff leaving for Somnolescent hosting.


  1. Original link to the article
  2. Article's description is "DMOZ, but it's Neocities."
    1. currently on hiatus
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    4. While his site remains linked, it is no longer online.