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As taken from the neowiki
The media and text on this page, unless otherwise stated, has been taken from the neowiki, a now-inactive wiki, because of that, all of the contents on this page made for that wiki fall under the same license as the neowiki, that being MIT. This is different from Penny's Pages that uses a Creative Commons one.

Be aware that the information in the articles may now be incorrect as the project has not been active since 2019, however, unless a change has been made to the original copy of the wiki, please do not change or alter this page, even if you spot an error.

neowiki (stylized 'neowiki', all lowercase) began as an alternative to the only other neocities wiki at the time, Penny's Pages, headed by the sometimes-unagreeable-with OwlMan.

neowiki was originally created by [1], and originally was hosted under his neocities site as "". Eventually, in order to give himself more breathing room with the project (and in order to allow others to work on neowiki if he wasn't around to update it on his site), he moved it to its own subdomain, [2], where it now resides.

neowiki has a Discord server and 5 buttons.

There are 3 buttons with a space theme, originally designed as a dawn (green) / day (blue) / dusk (dusk (dark blue)) rotation:


There are 2 buttons featuring the neowiki logo:



  1. Original link to the article
  2. Article's description is "About neowiki"