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Screenshot of the website as it appears in its latest version.

The neowiki is the name of a now-inactive wiki that was first made public in early 2019-11 by minerobber[1]. The wiki itself covers that of Neocities and the community surrounding it.

According to the About Us page on the neowiki, the wiki began "as an alternative to the only other [N]eocities wiki at the time, Penny's Pages, headed by the sometimes-unagreeable-with OwlMan"[2].

The wiki is in part maintained on GitHub, where people can view and edit articles. Some of the articles as of 2020-05 cover Neocities' CLI[3], Supporter Plan[4], and Site Profile[5].

Unlike Penny's Pages, neowiki has never moved form Neocities to its own domain, instead moving from minerobber's own website to[6] as a way to "give [minerobber] more breathing room with the project (and in order to allow others to work on neowiki if he wasn't around to update it on his site)"[7]. Also unlike Penny's Pages, neowiki uses markdown while Penny's Pages has used both HTML (for the old, now-outdated wiki) and currently uses wikitext.

The neowiki has some similarities to Penny's Pages, for example, both of the wikis were made in the later half of 2018, both of the wikis use an open license of some sort (Creative Commons for Penny's Pages and a MIT License for neowiki[8]), and both have a lot of things in common on the style guide[9].

As of 2020-08-25, all articles from the neowiki have been uploaded to Penny's Pages and can be read in full on the wiki.


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