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The normal site theme, as it should look like to most users.
Neocities using the Neocities Dark Simple theme.

'Neocities Dark Simple is the name of an unofficial dark theme made for all pages on (but not any of the subdomains, e.g. would not be affected by this). The theme was made by Neocities user Lusentoj in 2016[1], being first published on Stylish[2], then being republished on GitHub in 2020 by Cass Python[3].

The code itself was released into the Public Domain around the same time it was published online, along with this, the latest version is 1.0 from 2016-01-17, is seemly the only version released so far. Much like the Dark theme for Neocities that would be made later on, the Neocities Dark Simple is written in CSS.

Line 7 of the code (as show below) implies that a newer version of the theme was intended, although if it was ever worked on is not known and certainly was not published.



/** Made by, aka ringlat on LiveJournal. 2016.01.17, version 1.0 with a few things missing compared to what's planned. **/

  h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 {line-height: 130% !important;}

  body, p, select, .interior .header-Outro .stats .stat,
  .interior .header-Outro.editor .tools, .interior .header-Outro.editor .tools .theme select#theme, .ace_folding-enabled > .ace_gutter-cell
  {font-size: 24px; line-height: 130% !important; color: #f2f2f2;}

  .plan-overview h3, .plan-chart h3 {color: #f2f2f2;}

p {margin-bottom: 1em;}


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