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A ginger cat with a hard-hat on, as found from NeoForum.

NeoForums (or "neoforums") was an online forum for fellow Neocities users to join and talk about a number of subjects including music, games, help with code, showcasing your site and other subjects.

The forum ran under MyBB (formerly known as "MyBBoard" and originally "MyBulletinBoard"), a free and open source forum software developed by the MyBB Group.

In its lifetime, the forum had up to 44 members, total of 2,591 posts in 38 threads and the most users online at one time was 76 on the 2016-10-12 10:50.

NeoForums shut down sometime around December 2017, after this OwlMan (who was never apart of the forum) made a post on their profile asking about the forum;

OwlMan: Am I right in saying that there was a Neocities' forum? I think it was set up by FloppyJay, I might be wrong.

2bit: Idk if this is it, but i tried making one and it was linked with another website I made. No one really used it and I think it's owfilled with spambots.

FloppyJay: We're all talking about the same one, I was co-admin, 2bit was the founder and it was linked on the front of FloppyJay. It's in the web archives too, and yes, it was almost entirely spambots upon revisiting.

It is important to remember that NeoForums was never really well known on Necities and not many people knew about it at all, along with this, in July 2016 The unofficial Neocities' Discord was made, it was the final blow for the forum, making it pointless to join. This and the spam is why it was shut-down.


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