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Neocities for Dummies like you!

Hello there, welcome to the Penny's Pages Wiki, your very own cut-out and keep guide to learning about the Neocities webhost, the weird and wonderful culture that has grown thanks to a simple webhost, and everything else in-between.

Neocities is a free website host that is made up of more than 140,000 sites, with more than one billion hits and counting. Because of how many people use the host, it has grow its own little culture and history that many new users may not understand - that's why Penny's Pages was made, as a way to help others into understanding what's what. As written by users of the host, the Penny's Pages project is not associated with Neocities itself, so don't sue us!

The Penny's Pages Wiki is an ongoing project of NeoZones and independent members of the Neocities community. To talk about this project and how to help, please join our Discord server, where you will be able to post about this wiki in the relevant channel.

Don't know where to start? Why not have a glance-over our How To Write For Penny's Pages article, that should set you on your way!