Editing Profile Comments Not Working

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A user attempts to edit their comment, but instead of being able too, the Edit button disappear.

Perhaps on of the most well-known former bugs of the webhost is that users could not edit profile posts they they made (but they were able to remove them). If a user attempted to edit their post (by clicking on the "Edit" button under their post), then said button would just disappear. The issue was probably an issue on Neocities since day one, but has since been fixed.

The issue was fixed on 2019-07-28, now making it possible to edit posts.

Since the error has been removed, when the original poster presses the "Edit" button on a post they made, a comment box will appear with the text to the original post, making it possible for them to edit it. Once a post is edited, other users are currently unable to tell that it has changed.

People are currently unable to edit replies to posts made to other people, even if you comment on a post that you made yourself.


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