Don't Cyberbully

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The cover for the single that uses artwork made by BadTyke.
An extract from the song where Jackomix can be heard singing and hosma playing the guitar. It is also possible to hear someone (probably Elementz as they were recording) breathing.

Don't Cyberbully (also known as is the name of a 2018 one-off song recorded live on The unofficial Neocities' Discord by hosma (under the name of Cunt Yolk) who is heard playing guitar and Jackomix, who is rapping and presumably playing the keyboard[1]. The song itself was made-up on the spot, and as such has repetitive lyrics, such as the line "don't cyberbully" being sang a number of times throughout.

The audio was recorded on 2020-06-02, with the album cover being made by Cass Python, using artwork from 2016's Summoning by BadTyke. At this point in time, Owly, had had interactions with hosma a month before with the making of the album Beat Your Kids (Before I Do It) and had also appeared at the start of The Crazy Cunt, another song by hosma (again, under the name of Cunt Yolk).

The audio itself was recorded by Elementz, however, the quality at times sounds very poor, seemly being recorded via a mobile device from a speaker, rather than getting the audio in a more conventional way, such as everyone recording via their own end. At times during the song, a number of background sounds can be heard such as the Discord notification 'boop' sound, people shuffling around and breathing, and computer keyboard noises.

What did not help with the production of the song (asides from the fact that Discord compresses audio and that the recording method used was not ideal) is that both hosma and Jackomix are in two septate continents (Europe and North Americas respectably) and because of this, it means that there would have been a delay in the other hearing each-other making a noise, so the reaction time for the two would would be off.

Another issue with the song is that while playing the guitar, hosma was not aware that their set-up at the time did not allow people on the receiving end of the call to hear his guitar effects, such as distortion, reverb, or delay, meaning what was captured on the final audio was merely the raw guitar signal.

A few days after the song was made, a MIDI rendition of the song was released, along with a released "studio" re-recording of the song that included double-tracked, distorted guitars, and drums, along with this, the final mix for the song is higher in rank compared to the original, sounding crisp and rich in comparison to the live version that sounds poor. Much like the MIDI version, the re-recording has no singing. Both of the new tracks (and the original) are available via the Internet Archive.


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    1. No-one else is credited, so it might be likely that Jackomix is heard playing the keyboard