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The cover for the first track, Gesundheit.
An extract from Gesundheit, a song that is described as their first production.

Discjoppie (also called DISCJOPPIE) is the name of a music side-project that is made up of experimental sounds, produced, and published by Neocities user Joppiesaus in 2017-07[1]. So far, there are only two track released, that being Gesundheit (decried as a techno song) and Robot (this time decried as the genre of "???").

For the webpage of the project, Joppiesaus writes that they are "having fun learning to produce and mix music" and that they "hope you'll like it! And if you don't, that's also okay!", they follow it up by saying "All of this is entirely experimental. I'm not sure what music I like, nor am I sure what I want to produce".


Gesundheit is the top track on the webpage, the song is a techno tune that uses 126 BPM. Joppiesaus comments on this song by writing;

My first production. I've learned many things while making this. I like the "break" with the chords.

The cover of this song is seen on the right.


This is the second song, although this is his third production. The song uses 128 BPM.

Joppiesaus comments on this song by writing;

My third production. Learned even more things. I don't know what genre this is!


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